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Product code


VPP 518140

Roller 304011 ZB AF L=950 A=962

VPP 518144

Roller 304011 ZB AF L=1330 A=1370

VPP 518145

Roller 304011 ZB AF L=1250 A=1262

VPP V012442X

Roller for mesh conveyor pulling for AM80 machines

VPP 518034

Roller, stop coil

VPP 518045

Roller 315001 L=1434 A=1450 Diam. 89mm

VPP 518048

Roller for film postponement, Diam. 32mm

VPP 518059

Roller Diam. 60mm L=718

VPP 518069

Roller 500ZB L=1030 A=1070 D22/7


Gum ring D89/60

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