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Used Models

Come to discover our used models

In this section there are some various used models of shrink packaging machines, overhauled and tuned at our headquarters.

AM60ATR - 03 - Box

Automatic packaging machine AM60ATR (Vacuum Pump)

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AM60 lato DX OK

Semiautomatic packaging machine AM60 (Vacuum Pump)

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MP75NP - Box

Single-folded packaging machine MP75NP (Vacuum Pump)

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Affardellatrice completa AM90+TU

Packaging machine AM90HNA + Shrink tunnel TU90/150 (Vacuum Pump)

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MC40+TU40-160 - Box

Packaging machine with continuous welding MC40 + TU40/160 (Vacuum Pump)

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FRONT MA96 + TU66-130

Packaging machine MA96 + Shrink tunnel TU66/130 (Vacuum Pump)

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Mecpack - Box

Automatic packaging machine MECPACK ST (Italdibipack)

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F 5025 - Box

Shrink tunnel F 5025 (Italdibipack)

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F 6825 - sito2

Shrink Tunnel L 6825 (Italdibipack)

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